How to Bring Friends Together Over a Meal

21 Oct 2019

Friends are precious and when it’s your turn to host an event, the task may seem daunting. Not to fret. Here are three ways to make the day stress-free:

Create a guest list

The number of guests you have at your event affects every aspect of planning, from buying decor to setting the table. By getting a head count, you’ll be able to make sure that you have enough food to serve everyone.

Get strategic with menu planning

If the main point of you hosting the get together is to show off your culinary skills, then the focus should be on the food. Burgers and BBQ are a quick and easy way to feed a crowd. Sides such as coleslaw and potato salad can be made in advance.

Set the mood

If you’re hosting at your home, make sure to tidy up! Placing a candle or floral centerpiece on the table is a sure way to elevate the ambiance. Simple changes make all the difference. Don’t forget the music!