About Chef Oren Zroya


Food brings people together.

The simple act of preparing a meal with the people you care about, one chopping vegetables while another seasons filets, or sitting down together to share a family dinner, gives you a chance to connect in our busy world. When we gather around a table to eat together, we take a vital moment to bond and share our ideas and feelings.

Food is often the way we let those close to us know we love them, nourishing their hearts as we nourish their bodies. Taking the time to make sharing healthy food a priority is a way to promote balance in our lives, strengthening family ties and maintaining an important practice of self-care. A deep understanding of the physical and emotional value of healthy food, lovingly prepared and shared, informs everything Chef Oren does.



Chef Oren’s eclectic path to the culinary arts is a lesson in how following your passions can lead to destinations grander than you could have imagined.

As a young man having just completed military service in Israel, he immigrated to America with only five hundred dollars and a surfboard.

He took a job as a caretaker for a famous playwright to pay the bills while he pursued his dream of surfing the West Coast. His employer recognized that Oren had an unusual talent for cooking, and sponsored his education at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena to develop his gift.

Shortly after he graduated, Oren landed an internship at Beau Rivage in Malibu, a local landmark known for its fine dining, picturesque setting, and celebrity clientele. In one short year, he became head chef there. A regular at the restaurant, who owned LA’s most recognized school for acting development, approached him with an offer to hire Oren as his private chef.


That was just the beginning of Chef Oren’s career working among Malibu’s best known and most prestigious residents. For the last two decades, he’s graced both family meals and parties with his signature culinary style, becoming a staple in the area’s social gatherings.

Chef Oren’s success stems from his uncompromising dedication to both healthy, balanced nutrition and delicious flavour. Whether he’s serving patrons in a restaurant, preparing a private banquet, or cooking dinner for friends, he creates every dish with skill and heart. His next dream is to put the proper tools into the hands of every aspiring cook so that they can do the same.