About Chef Oren Zroya

Food isn’t just a source of physical sustenance.

Gathering to enjoy a meal together builds the bonds of family and community as well as nourishing the individual. Even before the start of his culinary career, Chef Oren has sought to inspire the people around him to eat healthily and to appreciate the bounty nature bestows on us.

His passion for surfing and an active lifestyle has taught him to treasure the beauty of the earth’s natural wonders. Like spending time outdoors, preparing and sharing good food connects us to the world around us. Through his work both as a private chef in Malibu and as the force behind the development of the Radical Pan, Chef Oren strives to give his clients not only the best food, wholesomely prepared, but the means to cook well themselves.

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What do you get when you combine a commitment to healthful cooking with a lightbulb moment of inspiration?
The Radical Pan.

Throughout his culinary career, Chef Oren has never lost his love of surfing, and one day as he was staring at a perfect wave curling up into a glassy arc an impulse hit him. “What if a pan had a feature that allowed your food to catch that same ‘wave’ momentum to toss it up?”

Thus was born the idea for the Radical Pan’s patented high-rise lip, which enables effortless sautéing. In years of development with his team, Chef Oren insisted on the highest standards for quality, ease of use, and safety. The result delivers the best features of professional cookware in the only nonstick pan that is FDA, SGS, and NSF certified. The Radical Pan is free of PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium, allowing healthier low-fat cooking without the risk of toxic chemicals leaching into your food. But it doesn’t stop there. Along with that wipe-clean, dishwasher safe finish, you get the ease of sturdy anodized construction that allows the Radical Pan to go from any stovetop to the oven, an ergonomic stay-cool handle, and a lifetime warranty.